The TALE project will ask young people and lawyers to take an active role in research that we hope will lead to a better understanding of how we can make the law and the legal system work better. In each of the countries taking part in the TALE project researchers will ask young people to take part in 'reference groups' to talk about their experiences of the legal system. In our view discussions within reference groups will only work effectively if they are run by young people.

We want to avoid as far as possible some of the problems that we encounter when adults try to make young people objects in their own research. Within our reference groups young people will be left in charge so that they feel free to discuss the issues that matter to them.

Reference Groups

We want to encourage young people to join reference groups but we also want them to understand that if they agree to participate then their views on all aspects of the research, including whether they want to withdraw or continue helping us, will be listened to and acted on as as far as possible. If you are already working with us, or if you are thinking about joining a reference group that you have heard about, please download our information form below. If you do want to go ahead and take part you will be asked to complete the consent form below as well. The researcher who is working with you will explain what consent means and what we would like you to do.


young people as clients

Young people are also key participants in another area of our research. Within the UK part of the project we will seek out young people who are in currently involved in a legal problem and who are using the services of a lawyer to help them with that problem.

We want to gather as much useful information as possible from those young people and from their lawyers. We want to learn from real life cases that are happening right now. If you are a young person who has been asked to participate in this part of the project we would like you to fully understand what your involvement will mean and how your interests will be protected if you do decide to work with us.

Please take a look at the information sheet below. 

If you are happy for us to hear about your experience of receiving help and support from your lawyer you will be asked to complete a consent form that clearly states how your interests will be protected.

In some cases we may welcome the participation of young people who are receiving legal support from a lawyer but who are not able to consent to participate in this research on their own behalf. In those cases we need a parent or guardian to complete a different consent form. We also need to ensure that lawyers participating in this research fully understand their commitment and the promises that we make in order to protect them, and to protect their relationship with their clients. Lawyers can access their own consent form here.